Thursday, August 28, 2008

You are putting yourself at risk.

This AOL survey has given us a lot of fodder for comment and humor. But there is one statistic that has nothing funny about it.

50% of the respondents admitted to checking their e-mail while driving, up from 37% last year. This is insipid. This is ridiculous. This is downright stupid. I'm sorry - - I can not use strong enough words.

Having been born and bred in the insurance business, I am very well tuned in to the pain automobile accidents can cause. People are driving two ton killing machines, and need to focus on the act of driving, not who has e-mailed or texted them.

At last count, five states have outlawed people talking on cell phones while driving. Kudos to them. But as my father always said, "you can't legislate common sense."

If one out of every two people has admitted to checking e-mail while driving, my hope is that you were the one who didn't.

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