Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reducing the Amount of Email You Receive - The Secret!

No, this is not rocket science. But one of the best kept secrets to reducing the amount of email you receive is...


E-mail begets e-mail. By reducing the number of e-mails you send daily, and by implementing some simple steps when sending e-mail, you will in return reduce the number of e-mails you receive.

There is no question that people who use e-mail more frequently in turn receive more e-mails in response.

Ask yourself, “Is this e-mail really necessary?” Consider that each e-mail you send to one recipient could create at least one return e-mail to you. For messages sent to groups, there is an obvious potential mutliplier effect. By envisioning the e-mail you send as a potential trigger for a return e-mail, you will help yourself receive less e-mail.

Sending less email implies doing more of something else...

Yes. Pick up the phone. Situations requiring true dialogue are best served with a phone call. Many times even a voice mail message can be better in advancing the conversation.
If you're overwhelmed with incoming email, try sending less, and calling more. Let us know how it works!

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