Wednesday, July 9, 2008

How to get a close friend to take you off his or her joke list... (no joke!)

Believe it or not, one of the questions that we frequently receive has to do with how can we tell one of our dearest friends that we really don't need to see the 20 jokes or inspirational messages that he or she sends daily to their large list. They don't want to hurt the person, and they don't want to lose a friend.

Here could be your solution...

What we suggest is that, first of all, the issue is NOT dealt with by e-mail (unless you want to LOSE that friend) -- find a time when you are having a friendly conversation either in person or by telephone -- because an e-mail will most likely be hurtful. And one of the comments that seems to work the best sounds something like this: “it would be great if you could send me only your very very very best e-mails, because I am inundated with e-mail and could use an uplifting e-mail once or twice a week!”

Another option is to create a free email account, something like - marshajokes@ and ask your friends to send to that account. This way, when you need a chuckle, you know where to find it!

Let us know what else works for you!

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