Friday, March 7, 2008

Do you know someone with an email addiction?

It may seem ludicrous that you could be addicted to something as simple and benign as email, but email addiction, or e-ddiction as I like to call it, is an epidemic that affects more of us than we realize. Think about it—email is something you check every day, probably multiple times. But once you cross the line and your time becomes consumed by this ‘simple and benign’ technology, then you may have a problem.

Here are some indicators that you may have an e-ddiction. You:
• Choose checking email over career, relationship, family, or education
• Check your email incessantly
• Use email as an escape
• Feel restless and moody when detached from your email
• Plan vacations to only places with Wi-Fi access
• Avoid addressing concerns voiced by family and friends

And unlike many eddicitons, you can't eliminate email. It is here to stay, and growing.

BUT there is hope. First, you've gotta confront it, and decide that you WANT to change. Look for more posts in the next few days and visit our website for more helpful info.

Yup, you CAN change!

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